Our Services

We offer some special services that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Product Customization
Want to design a product, and offer your customers medical equipment that is perfectly suited to meet their needs? Yes, that’s right! We will get creative with you. Most of our stools, chairs, and some lamps can be completely customized. Speak to a representative to let us know how we can create a product customized to your specifications.

Guided product selection -
Unsure which product would be a best fit for your customers? Call our expert technicians to discuss your needs today. We are committed to finding you the right products to meet your needs.

Color customization -
Custom color options are available on all upholstery. Get it in any color you want!

Customized delivery options
We run a fully customizeable shipping warehouse that is set up to quickly and easily fulfill all customized drop shipment requests, as well as bulk shipment orders.