Mobile Ultraviolet Lamp

Mobile Ultraviolet Lamp

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Ultraviolet lamp on 5 leg mobile floor stand.

  • Brandt ultraviolet lamps offer consistent output, controllable dosage and simplicity of operation.
  • Spectral irradiance tests at 14" show production of 64% at 320 – 400nm (UVA) 36% at 260 – 320nm (UVB) and virtually none at 200 –260nm (UVC).
  • Supplied with a 10 minute timer switch, protective wire guard and a pair of NO. 153 protective goggles. Conforms to 21 CFR part 1040.20.
  • Yoke type construction allows 180o forward and backward movement.
  • Extends over bed 12". Height adjustment: 42" – 62 1/2". 23" diameter, 5 leg composite base.
  • 800W in a 7 1/4"H x 8"W reflector.
  • Two conductor cord set.
  • An optional three conductor cord set and hospital grade plug are available.Specify # 052.

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