Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Arms

Ergonomic Task Chair

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Ergonomic Task Chair

Ergonomic task chair with height adjustable arms (2 1/2 inches) to maintain 90 degree elbow angle. Upholstered in choice of 18 standard colors.

  • Designed to encourage proper body placement, which reduces stress on back, neck and shoulders.
  • Asynchronous control allows independent adjustment of back and seat angles. Positions the hips to provide proper lumbar curvature.
  • Compound curve in the oversized seat keeps the occupant positioned against the backrest and prevents pressure on the pelvis.
  • Waterfall seat eliminates pressure on the back of the thighs.
  • Pneumatic height adjustment from 17 1/2" to 23".
  • Range of motion: Seat: 7o forward, 5o backward. Back: 5o forward, 20o backward, 4" elevation.
  • Dimensions: Seat: 19"W x 17 1/2"D. Back: 16"W x 16"H. Composite Base: 25" Diameter.
  • Height adjustable arms to maintain 90o elbow angle.

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